Meet model #1 Azniv


Sheer blouse
$242 –

H M short skirt
$3.99 –

H&M high heels
$15 –

Zara flower brooch
$9.90 –

H&M long earrings
$3.99 –

H M flower hair accessory
$1.99 –

 Aznivs Personal Style: Comfort and Confidence

    To me style is the depiction of one’s inner-self. It isn’t about dressing in all brand names or being able to afford items that are expensive. Instead, style is about the ability to express yourself no matter what the cost.

   You will always find me wearing jewelry because I have an obsession with accessorizing. I also have an unhealthy obsession with shoes. I like to mix and match pieces that wouldn’t necessarily go together in the first place but can be united with a necklace or another statement piece.

  At times I like to keep it simple. For instance if I’m going to the mall, I’ll probably throw on a pair of jeans, a shirt, a scarf, and pair it with some flats or boots. I love shopping at Forever21 and H&M because I’m able to keep up with fashion without falling out of budget.

  Moreover, if I were to describe the two things that I look for when shopping, it would be comfort and confidence. No matter what I wear, I need to feel comfortable. When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you become less insecure. And when you’re less insecure, you become more confident. And confidence is probably the best and most important accessory you can wear! 

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