Meet Model #5 Kimberly


Long shirt
$35 –

Hollister Co. cotton shorts
$45 –

ALDO leather boots
$120 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors sport watch
$250 –

H M flower hair accessory
$1.99 –
Kimberly’s Personal Style: Fun and Girly
  Style=Expression. It is merely a simple way to let your inner emotions, thoughts, and interests, reflect who you are on the outside. We are all artists in a way because self-expression is key in fashion. It isn’t necessarily about what the media or anyone else says is specifically “IN” this season, or anything of that matter. Style is about what YOU feel comfortable in wearing because it is what interests YOU.
  I would most definitely describe my style as fun and girly. Floral prints, sheer button ups, loose tops, blazers, jean jacket, black jeans, shorts, skirts, little black dress, earrings, sandals, boots, and high heels are a MUST in my closet. I love getting dressed up whenever I go out, and sure, I sometimes claim “I have nothing to wear” but all I really have to do is mix and match pieces together and most of the time new outfit ideas will pop into my head. I am constantly on the lookout for new fashion inspirations, whether it be from celebrities, fashion blogs, or just everyday people out on the street.
  Forever 21 is the number one place where I can shop to fulfill all my fashion needs, with the perk of affordable prices! Every now and then I will also shop at H&M, PacSun, Target and sometimes even Urban Outfitters. In addition to that, I sometimes enjoy trying new styles and making it my own. Your style is everything that you make it to be. Just remember, “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.”
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