Meet Model #7 Erica


Don t Ask Amanda summer dress
$45 –

Steve Madden leather sandals
$50 –

NV London Calcutta leather handbag
$135 –

Miss Selfridge gold jewelry
$22 –

Erica’s Personal Style: Confidence and Bold
   The sun is shining with all it’s strength, no clouds upon the sky just how she likes it. The world makes sense. On a beautiful, perfect day like this i would throw on my favorite summer dress along with some simple sandals so my feet feel the warmness of the sun on the grass. You are having a rough day at the job, the song you hate keeps playing on the radio, you can’t quite get your finger around what is irritating you. As i get home i strip off from my work clothes and throw on my favorite yellow floral shirt from Urban Outfitters, favorite waist high jeans, tall tan military boots, and apply some pink lipstick. Releasing good vibes to my soul and setting a more upbeat mood for the rest of my day. Society portrays fashion as what should be being worn or whether it’s in or out of style. Trend to me is nothing but an empty word. Fashion to me has no deadline or expiration date. Fashion is your own projection of your mood. What energy you want to set off or what energy you want to feel. One love i will never deny is Nature and Fitness . My wardrobe will always take my loves under consideration. Whether by wearing something that makes me connect to nature or slipping on something sexy to give credit to my work outs. 
   Inside all of us there’s a wild side. I’m the girl that feels beautiful with the simple cat eye gel eyeliner. Lipsticks dress my lips. Rosie cheeks announce my youth. And my smile brings me to life. I refuse to blend in. I like to be bold but not scream for attention. Being out of the box makes me feel like an individual rather than another girl that wants to look like the girl in the magazines. If everyone is walking one way, i’ll be the one running the opposite direction. Ladies don’t fear what society doesn’t accept. Wear what you please when you please and wear it loud with confidence. Everyone enjoy the rest of your day and project your good vibes to the world.
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