Alternatives: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Sometimes we see celebrities on the go from online sources to magazine articles. Either to the store, Starbucks, or even a gas station. But one thing many of us pay attention to is “Why do they look so fabulous?” Well one thing is that they have their own personal stylist that helps them look amazing. Yet, we all don’t have the privelage to have our own personal stylist (Plus, we usually wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on just two pairs of shirts and one pair of jeans).

Therefore, I am going to start a new series known as “Alternatives” I decided to begin it with the darling miss Jessica Alba. We all know how amazing she can look from her very casual looks to her glamorous gowns in a blink of an eye. So, here is a collage of her three looks that I believe many of us can use at a affordable price.

Look #1: This look is a simple style that only requires three main things. A top, jeans, and a scarf. A scarf can turn a simple look into something more interesting. Pair a stripe shirt with a printed scarf and see yourself transform instantly.

Look #2: Is a little more in the casual/formal category. A Pop of color can make a blazer and a white tee a comfortable look that can turn heads.

Look #3: Glamour, Glamour, Glamour. One word can describe this look. A heart shaped gown paired with a small clutch and earrings is all you need to look glamorous.

click on the thumbnail images to see the prices. 🙂 enjoy
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