Meet Model #9: Lindsay


Mango slim fit jeans
$40 –

Oasis leather sandals
$36 –

Suede clutch
$318 –

Forever 21 chain necklace
$11 –

Lindsay’s Personal Style: Confortable and Pretty

To me, fashion is like a statement that you are trying to make about yourself. I definitely feel like you can express how you are feeling by how you dress. My friends used to say “whatever clothes you wear, and how you wear them, people can always sense what kind of mood you are in.” And I believe that is true, how you wear your clothes and the colors you wear definitely affect the kind of mood you will be in. For me, I wear whatever feels comfortable to me but I still manage to make it look good, even if I am not in the best mood on some days. I still want to make a statement with what I am wearing. I know magazines have celebrity “trends” to follow, but I necessarily don’t really believe in following those. I say wear what makes you, you! Just because you don’t follow those trends doesn’t mean you’ll look bad. I believe you can mix and match anything and still look good and make a statement just like any other celebrity on a magazine.

On a typical day, I like to wear my dark blue skinny Joe’s jeans paired with a nice looking top and with sandals, or wedges and my big blue purse. Sometimes, if I feel like something is missing from my outfit, I will find a shiny long chain necklace, nice pair of earrings, or scarf to tie my whole outfit together. So I mix comfortable and pretty and still manage to look nice. Some of the places I like to go to shop would be Forever 21, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and even Bloomingdales. You can find good clothes at pretty good prices. If I feel like going out, I will either find a cute dress that doesn’t have too much going on in the front pair them with a nice pair of heels (black, gold, silver) and some accessories (necklace, earrings, etc.) and whatever color clutch to match my wardrobe. Or sometimes, I will find a pair of skinny jeans and find a cute/sexy little top to match, and if needed some accessories to go with it.

To me, no matter where I am going or what I have planned, fashion is always about being comfortable, and not being so caught up with the trends that a celebrity has set for this time or that time. Or being worried that just because a celebrity stopped wearing a certain style that all of a sudden that means you have to stop wearing it as well and go find what is “in.” Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and pretty and you will be set!

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