Inspiration of the Day: Nylon Magazine

Finding that perfect magazine is sometimes hard to do, if you really think about it. I mean wouldn’t you want to read a magazine that is interesting, and that its content can apply to your personal taste, such as in: Music, Fashion, and Beauty? I’m a fan of all fashion magazine you can name from Elle to Vanity Fair and everything in between. Yet, high fashion is sometimes a little too far for me to reach and (wear in a daily basis). Luckily, I was able to find a magazine that is very fashion forward, hip, interesting and just straight to the point… FUN to read. I started reading Nylon Magazine since 2008 and till today I continue to be a big fan and I can never put it down. What’s your favorite magazine to read?

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One Response to Inspiration of the Day: Nylon Magazine

  1. svaldez240 says:

    My perfect magazine is and always willb..NYLON!!! i love the clothes they show, the style of music, and everything about that magazine!! 😀

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