Inspiration of the Day: Bijouterie

Lately, I’ve been obsessing myself by trying to accessorize my arm with amazing bracelets. Arm candy is what is taking over the trend of Spring by pairing your watch with bracelets from gold chains to friendship bracelets. Luckily, I found an amazing L.A. girl who hand makes her own accessories and sells them on her website Bijouterie. Her designs are impeccable and I want them all. However, it’s not only bracelets that I’m obsess with but also her pendant necklaces that are to die for.


The Brand:

Made for the stylish girl, Bijouterie was created around the concept of adding mix and matched bracelets to your everyday look.  From the casual light wood charm bracelets to one of a kind exclusive “stacks,” Bijouterie was designed for the girl that craves new accessories, stackable bracelets, and style.

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One Response to Inspiration of the Day: Bijouterie

  1. missflamboyante says:

    These truly are some amazing bracelets you have!

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